Swindle Got Naked
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2 Comments Swindle Got Naked - 01-23-2008 10:51:01
This is Swindle. She is the latest girl to get naked in our bed. I even surprised myself with how fast I shot this one. 138 photos in 6 minutes. I don't plan things really when I do these shoots and I remember feeling like I had shot way to fast after the shoot. It was only once I got started editing them that I remembered why I had shot like that. I decided last minute to use a fairly slow shutter speed to try and get a little movement in some of the photos. That doesn't always work out like you plan so I was shooting in bursts of 2 or 3 frames to get the poses I wanted with the right amount of movement. It sorta worked out. There's a few that I'm REALLY happy with. Including this one.

BTW... this is not one of the ones I was trying to get motion in;)
Canon EOS 40D
17 mm
1/50 sec
f 4.5
ISO 400