Get Off My Roof!!!
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0 Comments Get Off My Roof!!! - 02-07-2008 23:49:53
Yes, I'm still slacking on the blog posts and even though I've done the hard part of setting up the blog for the adventures of Lucky's ring site I just haven't put all the pieces together to make it work. It seems like I'm actually getting less done these days but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction in my head. Whatever that means huh?

So that's Tommy Budjanec(sp?) up there. He only got to try it twice that day because a VERY pissed off janitor came out yelling after the second attempt. Don't know if he ever went back and rolled away. That was shot on film. T-Max 400 most likely. I really hated shooting B/W once I made it out to California because I didn't have my own darkroom and had to depend on other people for processing and printing. Holy shit was it expensive! And it's only getting worse so I REALLY doubt there'll be any of that in my near future.
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