Moody Maren
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4 Comments Moody Maren - 02-12-2008 22:07:24
Maren is from Germany. She has a very cute, very thick accent. When she is mad she will say "I'm so angry" in her very cute, very thick accent and then I start to giggle. Then maybe she'll say "It's not funny, I'm really mad right now!" and I'll giggle some more and try to explain why it's hard to believe she's mad when she's being so cute. I'm just a sucker for accents I guess. Part of what I miss about the South is them girls with the really redneck accents.

Anyway, it was a nice sunny day until we got in the car and headed downtown to shoot these photos. This was one of the first shots and it was already raining on us. I think it turned out good though. Whadda ya think?

BTW... Maren, if you read this and get mad, wait until I see you to tell me in person ;)
Canon EOS 40D
85 mm
1/250 sec
f 7.1
ISO 200