This Shoot Was No Fun At All
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3 Comments This Shoot Was No Fun At All - 04-23-2008 22:42:10
Did you believe that for a second? If you did I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma I'll sell you for a great price:)

That's Ree Ja upside down there. Click Hamilton delivered her to my front door already naked and ready to shoot. We did a quick set for and then headed out back to the brand new, never used studio to break it in the right way... with a beautiful naked woman jumping all over the place of course;)

I haven't edited the bed photos yet but I'll have them up in a few days at the most. And there will probably be quite a few more from the studio too. Keep an eye out. Tell a friend. Link me. And all that other good stuff because I think I'm finally about to get my ass in gear and start posting regularly again. Yay me!!!
Canon EOS 40D
19 mm
1/125 sec
f 9
ISO 100