There They Go Being Bad Again
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1 Comments There They Go Being Bad Again - 07-25-2008 23:43:23
This hole in my fucking neck itches like a son of a bitch!!! That's right, I have a HOLE in my NECK! I got another cyst on my neck about an inch away from where the last one was. Whereas the last one never made it to the surface and was cut out before it could scare any small children, THIS ONE erupted in a disgusting, infected, volcanic mess so instead of just cutting it out the doctor had to basically cut it open, drain it(I think that means scoop out with a knife) and pack it with gauze for some reason. So almost 4 days and $400 later I'm sitting here with an itchy hole in my neck. I'm still on antibiotics for two weeks but hopefully now that all the gauze is out of it the hole will seal up and get to healing.

What does any of this have to do with the picture I posted? Nothing. I just felt like ranting and needed something to take my mind off the itching. Did I mention my fucking neck itches!? Anyway, that of course is Scar and Natasha playing with a camera while Naked In Our Bed.
Canon EOS 40D
30 mm
1/80 sec
f 1.8
ISO 100