Blowing Shit Up!
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1 Comments Blowing Shit Up! - 07-27-2008 23:39:48
Another day at work, another woman tied to the floor by tiny army men. Speaking of army men, do any of you remember a show from the early 80's called Friday's? It was a sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. Michael Richards(Kramer from Seinfeld) had a recurring character on it that is the only thing I actually remember about the show. He was supposed to be a little boy playing with his army men right outside the window of his house. he had a huge mound of dirt and the setups he had made with the army men were very elaborate. As his mom yelled at him from the window he would "play" army and smash the shit out of everything in sight. I had a ton of army men at that point of my life. I was around 8 or 9. I also happened to have a big dirt mound left over from the building of our house. Yep, I routinely set up elaborate sets and then smashed everything to shit. Some of my best(although vague) memories as a child. Yay me, I still get to play with army men and i get paid for it:)

HOLY SHIT!!! I L-O-V-E YOUTUBE!!!----> Battle Boy
Canon EOS 20D
85 mm
1/160 sec
f 11
ISO 100