Pervaroids... Mother Fucking Siege!!!
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2 Comments Pervaroids... Mother Fucking Siege!!! - 08-14-2008 22:36:32
Have you heard of The Daily Siege? It's a super kick ass blog by a super kick ass guy. or at least he seems to be from reading his blog for around three years now. Anyways... he calls his pervy Polaroids Pervaroids. I think it's brilliant and I'm a bit pissed I didn't think of it first. It's the best name ever for stuff like the picture of Jane Jett up there.

I'd keep going here if I weren't so damn tired. I think I had a few things to say tonight but my eyes are trying to close on me as I type this. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime study the photo of Jane Jett up there and patiently wait for the other eight to be posted to
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