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0 Comments Pespective - 09-08-2008 22:13:07
I need some. Things have been going the same exact way for too long and I'm not happy with it. I need to switch things up quite a bit so I can figure out what's causing this . The first and most important thing I'm doing is cutting out the beer for a while. Not cutting back, cutting out. No more beer for at least a month, maybe longer. One reason is that I think I'm probably less likely to get sidetracked when I'm sober. It's still going to be a battle to get motivated to do anything to begin with but I hope that will get better as well. I've also started carrying a small notebook with me so that I can write down these ideas I always seem to forget about by the time I'm ready to get to work on something. We'll see if that actually helps or if I just read over it later and think it was a dumb idea to begin with. I got some other changes in mind as well, but for now that's it. Baby steps ya know. My last drink was on the 4th... I'll let you know in a month if I made it that long without a beer:)

That's Raynn up there with the oversized feet. Too bad they aren't really that big. She could make buckets of money with dogs like that!
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