Chocolate Zombie!!!!!!!!!
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0 Comments Chocolate Zombie!!!!!!!!! - 10-05-2008 23:41:21
Scar actually volunteered for this. No, it was more like she asked for it. I did NOT do this at work so it was going to be me cleaning up the mess and me paying for the ingredients of the mess so it's not likely I would have done it even though I'd been wanting to. So she didn't "volunteer" for a project I had but she saw some of the previous photos I had shot at work and decided she wanted to be covered in marshmallow fluff. So I went shopping for fluff and along the way picked up a whole grocery cart full of other stuff to cover her in. It was fun and I promise I'll be posting a lot more photos from this little adventure:) Canon EOS 40D
85 mm
1/125 sec
f 4.5
ISO 100