The Only Cereal I Have Ever Eaten Is Fruit Loops
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4 Comments The Only Cereal I Have Ever Eaten Is Fruit Loops - 10-11-2008 23:55:15
Yeah... I love the Loops. I'm a picky eater so i tend to stick with the things I like when i find them and I found Fruit Loops at an early age. Never thought once through all those years of eating them though that I'd be standing in my studio throwing them at a naked woman covered in shaving cream. This is my life. This is why I shouldn't be allowed to complain about anything. Not that it stops me of course, but it does save the day on occasion to think about all the weirdness that I get to enjoy while the majority of the world doesn't even have a clue that shit like this goes on. Yay me!!!

So just for the hell of it(and because it's super fucking cheap and yet another place for my work to be seen) I set up store on you can check it out and buy some super fucking cheap prints here...
Canon EOS 40D
85 mm
1/125 sec
f 4.5
ISO 100