More Money Go Bye Bye!!!
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5 Comments More Money Go Bye Bye!!! - 12-05-2008 23:44:27
On it goes. Day by day the little things keep piling up to make me feel like I'll never dig myself out from under all the shit that has landed on me. I've made up my mind to quit drinking for the rest of the year, dump every dime I can find into paying off my debt and just try to relax more so I don't die an early death from stress related shit. Well, that started off with my 3 year old phone starting to turn itself off, not ring sometimes and just generally act wonky. A new phone had to be bought before the old one died and took all my phone numbers with it. Isn't it pretty? It's a nice phone although I'd still like to give a big FUCK YOU to Sprint and Samsung. There's plenty of basic things this phone should be able to do but for some reason aren't possible so the only alternative is to pay Sprint for these things. Fuckers!

So why am I shooting photos of my phone? Because I need to shoot photos of something and it was the shiniest newest thing around at 2:00AM. I almost smashed the shit out of it and my camera though because this was way harder than it should have been. I'm still not completely happy with it but I want to make it to bed before the sun comes up so I just went with what I had.
Canon EOS 40D
40 mm
30 sec
f 9
ISO 100