It Was Raining Outside But I Put Her In The Shower
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0 Comments It Was Raining Outside But I Put Her In The Shower - 12-17-2008 22:23:17
It would have been nice to have her standing nekkid in the ally while it was pouring down rain but it's FUCKING cold in San Diego. I didn't sign up for this shit when I moved here. i want the warm weather back damnit! Sorry... it's just that I dealt with the cold a lot better in my old house because we didn't pay utilities and could crank up the heat all day long if we liked. And we DID like:) So now I'm cold a lot and it's pissing me off.

Whatever, this isn't a post about me, it's a post about the naked woman in my shower. That's Natasha. She's been naked in our bed before. She got naked in it this time too, but I'm not sure if that's going on the bed site. I'm not even sure I'm going to shoot that little series anymore. We don't actually have a new bed yet anyway, just a new mattress. money is tight so it might be a while and frankly this new room, even though it's huge, just looks ghetto. No bed frame, no good window light and cheap ass carpet. It just isn't doing anything for me. We'll see. Maybe I'll feel different about it after I shoot in it a little more.
Canon EOS 40D
21 mm
1/20 sec
f 5.6
ISO 100