This Photo Calms Me Down
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0 Comments This Photo Calms Me Down - 01-21-2009 23:19:03
It's very light. Inviting. Happy. Exactly opposite of the way I've been feeling lately.

This is Tracey P. She's been naked in our bed before and I'd link to the site, but I've taken it down. I'm not sure if I'm going to put it back up or not. It was a fun project while it lasted but I don't think it's worth shooting anymore. We'll see. I could change my mind.

So since I can't point you to that site anymore I'll point you to another one. I've been posting sets on lately. it's kinda like a MySpace with boobs. You normally have to pay for a monthly membership but if you follow the link to my profile below you can get a free month. All you need is an email address. Along with your free month you get five free votes that you can use to vote on your favorite photo sets. HEY! You better remember who pointed you at the free membership when you vote:)
Canon EOS 40D
17 mm
1/125 sec
f 5
ISO 100