Fuck You Internet Explorer... I win!!!!
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1 Comments Fuck You Internet Explorer... I win!!!! - 01-31-2009 14:46:48
Some full frontal nudity for ya today since I figured out why the photos weren't showing in IE. So now you IE users can see them. That doesn't mean you shouldn't find yourself a new browser to use though.

That's Scar of course. Making being a badass look good as always:)

BTW... if you've linked to my blog from your site you might need to change the URL. You can now link directly to MyLuckyLife.com. I know some of you had the links pointing to http://www.myluckylife.com/mllblog/index.php. That won't work anymore.
Canon EOS 40D
17 mm
1/40 sec
f 4.5
ISO 200