Nice legs!
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4 Comments Nice legs! - 11-22-2005 23:27:20
So I helped a couple of friends film go-go dancers tonight. Hot ass women shaken' what they got = a good time. Why can't I get paid to do fun stuff. I have fun at work quite often, but it's fleeting. I'm 33 years old! Why have I not got myself settled into something that I find consistently at least INTERESTING to ME, if not always fun. I'm bored out of my skull with my job again. It's the same fucking motions every week like clockwork. I get very little from it and I'm not moving froward with my life. What the fuck do I do!? I probably shouldn't even be writing this. I've been sick. I've got a tooth ache. I'm broke. It's the holidays and once again I'm NOT going home to see the family. Fuck it! Canon EOS 20D
85 mm
1/160 sec
f 2
ISO 800