I'm OnTop Of The... Uh... My House!
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1 Comments I'm OnTop Of The... Uh... My House! - 03-06-2009 20:40:21
On the way home this afternoon the clouds were looking pretty awesome. I had an idea for a photo but since no one was around I ended up shooting myself. This is by far the most trouble I've went to for a photograph in quite a while. I needed to be on the roof but I only have a six foot ladder which makes it a bit hard to get stuff on and off the roof. I probably could have gotten away with using a speedlight on the camera but with the angel I was shooting at and the slope of the roof I would have likely blown out the foreground. Instead, I dragged a Alien Bee 1600 up there and raised it up about 8 feet or so to get and even light on the whole scene. I just used the standard reflector on it since it was a bit windy and I didn't trust it up that high with a softbox on it and no sandbags or anyone to hold it.

Obviously that isn't straight out of the camera. I can't go into detail about what exactly I did in Photoshop because I can't remember:) There's a little dodging, burning and fooling with the saturation. Since I couldn't really control the clouds I ended up with the best frame having a little too much plain old sky in it so I actually added the cloud in the top left corner from another frame. There was also a few pesky electrical wires in there to that I zapped. Too bad I didn't have a real model!
Canon EOS 40D
17 mm
1/160 sec
f 16
ISO 100