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1 Comments Sorry - 03-30-2009 23:36:44
Sorry. I kinda dropped off the face of the earth again. Mid conversation with some of you. I don't mean to, I just get completely antisocial sometimes where it's hard for me to even carry on a conversation for more than a few seconds. I think my mood usually takes a nose dive around tax time every year anyway. Once I get that behind me and spend a bunch of money I can't really afford to on some necessities(running out of hard drive space) I'll snap out of it hopefully. Back at new years I predicted things wouldn't be much better this year than they were last year(which sucked hugely) and so far I'm right. It's good though, lot's of big shit coming soon and in the end it will all be for the better. Change is good;)

That's LT Smash up there making me all nostalgic for days gone by.
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