This Is Nice
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1 Comments This Is Nice - 04-02-2009 23:32:22
That up there is Ashley Haven's beautiful curves. I'll have a lot more of her coming up soon.
I still haven't done my taxes and it's still stressing me the fuck out. To add to the bullshit I found a nail in my tire today. It's staying inflated so it could have been there for months for all I know but now that I've seen it I'm going to have to get a new one. The tread is to low for them to just patch it I'm pretty sure. Well, they could, they just won't. Oh well, it's just money:)

So here's what I really wanted to post. I wish I could just make this video play where the photo is but the blog software won't let me. This is about the best thing I've seen on the interwebs in as long as I can remember. It's been out up for a few months now so everyone might have already seen it for all I know, but it's worth watching again.

Canon EOS 40D
24 mm
1/40 sec
f 1.6
ISO 800