So What If You Can See The Wrinkles
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3 Comments So What If You Can See The Wrinkles - 04-26-2009 22:34:01
I like the series of photos I've been doing with the models wearing just this white skirt. Enough people I know have made it clear that they don't like them for various reasons that I can imagine there's a good portion of people that see them that don't like them as well. While I do appreciate those people's opinions(and agree in some cases), I'm gonna have to keep on shooting what I like. I'm struggling quite a bit with a lot of things right now and finding the motivation to shoot is a huge one. So I'm gonna keep plugging along and do what makes me happy, because for the time being that's all that matters.

That's Tia in my alley. She also got Naked In Our Bed so check that out too.
Canon EOS 40D
85 mm
1/250 sec
f 2.2
ISO 400