Smash Smash Smash!!!!
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0 Comments Smash Smash Smash!!!! - 06-26-2009 23:16:21
That's LT Smash again.

She's in a doorway going from one side of my garage to the other. I only used two lights. The main light on her came from a fairly large softbox. In the other room I had another light with a standard reflector on it pointing up into the corner of the room behind her. Since the walls are white(mostly) I just turned it up to almost full power so it would blow out everything to white. I fucked up by not flagging the background light so it wouldn't spill onto the model so in quite a few of the images she has some pretty harsh shadows being cast forward by her b(o)(o)bies. Yep, I did just write boobies like that. I'm a child;)

See... I'm going to start putting the pertinent info for the photos right at the top and then rambling on about whatever towards the bottom so people don't have to wade through all of my crap to get to who the model is and what she's doing. Anyway... eh, nevermind. I don't feel like ranting anymore:)
Canon EOS 40D
34 mm
1/100 sec
f 9
ISO 100