Waffle House!!!!!
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0 Comments Waffle House!!!!! - 07-30-2009 22:38:40
My friend Kristen Reagan shot this for me on a trip back to my hometown of Pensacola, Florida a few years ago. I love me some Waffle House. It's a comfort thing. Which is why I think I'm having a craving right now. I need something to be good right now!

So I'm obviously not keeping up with this thing well. It's just the way life is right now. Everything is fucked. I'm not really shooting right now and what I'm have shot seems to be crap for the most part. My mood has always had a direct effect on the quality of my photos so I shouldn't be surprised I'm making shit right now. I just feel bad for the people who trusted me to make something good for them. Oh well...
Canon EOS 20D
24 mm
1/90 sec
f 2.5
ISO 1600