Things Change
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0 Comments Things Change - 10-02-2009 23:16:01
I might have posted this photo in the past but it would have disappeared if I did. For reasons which are none of your business Avery asked me to take down all the nude stuff I had shot of her. I took down everything I'd ever shot of her. I was pissed. I put a LOT of time and effort into the stuff we shot and most importantly I REALLY fucking liked it! That's all in the past though and the reasons for taking them down have disappeared. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that from anyone again. If I do, I'll likely take them down again. I'll be pissed of course but sometimes you have to try to look at things from other people's perspective. I can and do tell people to go fuck themselves if they don't like me or what I do, but I don't have a family to care for or anyone else that can really be hurt by my actions. Some people do and they have to do what's in their best interest. Can't fault them for that.

I'll likely re-post a few of my favorites of Avery and I hope to get to shoot her again very soon.

Right now though, I'm drinking heavily and staying up way to late so that I can sleep most of the day tomorrow and be ready for a little one day road trip me and Rebecca are going to take when she gets off work tomorrow. Will post ASAP if I survive;)
Canon EOS 40D
30 mm
1/60 sec
f 2.8
ISO 100