Death Trap
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0 Comments Death Trap - 10-10-2009 22:12:36
This old dead fly probably never saw it coming. Flying happily along and then he finds himself stuck in a web with death looking over his shoulder.

That could have been the same story as our trip to Bombay Beach, CA last weekend, but it wasn't thankfully. You see, on our way back from Indio we went down by the Salton Sea. We stopped in Bombay Beach to possibly shoot some photos but wound up in the bar.

Now, you have to understand where Bombay Beach is and and what it is like. Try these... Google Map and Wikipedia.

There isn't a gas station, or a hotel, or a... well, there just aren't any services at all there. Well, you can get food at the bar so I guess it's sort of a restaurant. Anyway, there was no one on the streets and only a couple of cars outside the bar which is called the Ski Inn. It is not, and never has been I understand, a motel of any sort. Inside the bar was full of bat shit crazy and fun as fuck people. Just like we likem'! I'll try to make this short because my memories are so fractured and non existent that it could get a bit long winded. We met a bunch of awesome people but I'm just gonna tell the main story. Since we were on our way back to S.D. we were only going to be able to have a couple of beers before we left. It was pretty much immediately obvious that this was a place we wanted to hang out for the night though. The Ass Man must have heard us wishing out loud that there was a motel in Bombay Beach because before I know it he's telling me about this trailer he has for sale down the street that is just sitting empty and says we should stay in it. Now, I don't think I'd even spoke to the Ass Man much at this point. I just knew he was the Ass Man because he kept finding reasons to drop his pants and show his ass to everyone at the bar:) So this guy named the Ass Man who I barely know has his arm around me telling me what an honest face I have and forcing these keys on me. What else could we do? We stayed. And we got FUCKED UP!

The rest of the night is a blur, but a blur full of an epic amount of fun and strangeness. The trailer turned out to be this pimp ass double wide inside this gated compound. Probably the nicest spot in Bombay Beach. BTW... it can be yours for the low price of $40,000! So bright and early the next morning we finally headed for home. I left the keys under a rock by the fence right where the Ass Man told me too. Next time we head out there I'm gonna have to think of something I can do for those folks because they were all sorts of awesome to us.
Canon EOS 7D
150 mm
1/100 sec
f 14
ISO 100