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3 Comments Empty - 11-15-2009 23:27:23
In the past two days I've driven about 350 miles. Each day I loaded the cameras in the car and left the house with the intention of shooting stills or video while I was out and about. The first day I shot nothing. I changed destinations 3 times before I wound up turning around and heading home. Today I left the house with a clear idea of where I was going. I drove out I-8 to Sunrise Highway, up to Julian and then back by way of S2. Look it up on the Google Machine if you don't know what I'm talking about:) Anyway... this is a drive I've taken more times than I can remember. There's lots of fun twisty mountain roads involved. It relaxes me in a way.

This was the one place I actually stopped the car to get out and shoot a photo. 225 miles today and I only stopped once. You know what this means? It means I shouldn't bother trying to make pictures of "things". I need a living, breathing model to inspire me. Maybe one day I'll do the same drive but with a model in the seat next to me and see if I manage to stop more frequently.
Canon EOS 7D
17 mm
1/320 sec
f 8
ISO 100