Oh No! The Porn Is On Fire!
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1 Comments Oh No! The Porn Is On Fire! - 12-13-2009 23:52:39
I left the house twice today with the intention of shooting photos. The first time I came back empty handed and I was on my way back from the second trip just as empty handed when I spotted a huge plume of smoke quite a ways away. It actually looked like it was coming from the airport which would have likely been very bad news. Luckily, or un-luckily if you're really into porn, it was just a structure fire. It was the business offices of Deja Vu Showgirls and a video rental store know for it's huge adult section.

I only had a couple of wide angles with me so I was a bit limited in what I could get, but hey, it's better than coming home empty handed again.
Even if I do smell like smoke!
Canon EOS 7D
24 mm
1/30 sec
f 2.8
ISO 3200