Dirty Dirty Girls!
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3 Comments Dirty Dirty Girls! - 12-01-2005 23:12:40
So way back at the beginning of time when I was still shooting B/W film this band called Machine Screw played at the bar I went to in Pensacola. I had no intention of shooting photos that night, but right before the show started their "dancer" came over and asked me if she could piss on me during the show. I was wearing my good shirt so I had to say no, but she eventually found some drunk fuck that would let her. I knew right then it would be a show to remember so I headed for the car to grab my camera. Sure enough, it was a good one. Besides pissing all over that poor bastard she also painted herself and put body prints all over the walls AND she pulled a cute little girl from the audience (don't know whether she was planted there or just another drunk), got her half nekkid and made out with her. Fun times kids... fun times! N/A
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