How Can I Fuck Up Something So Simple?
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1 Comments How Can I Fuck Up Something So Simple? - 12-11-2005 23:05:52
If you drop 4 or 5 Mentos into a 2 liter bottle of soda it should make quite an eruption. Someone posted this on a message board along with pictures of a column of foam shooting about three foot out of the top of a bottle of soda. Aparently they had done it quite a few times with different types of carbonated whatnot. So I stop by the store and get a few bottles of cola and some Mentos on my way to check out a location I might want to use for a shoot. I figured while I was there I'd try out the new trick I'd learned. Well... I dropped in the Mentos and hauled ass(according to the guy who posted it, it happens pretty quickly). Nothing happened! The Mentos dropped to the bottom and fizzed a little bit. I kept waiting, thinking that maybe I had misread and it takes a while for the reaction to get going. Still nothing. I tried one more bottle figuring the top of the other one must have been loosened and the cola lost its carbonation. Still nothing! So not wanting to leave without my photo of the gushing bottle, I sqeezed the fucker! It worked of course. I soaked my arm with sticky ass cola in the process, but it worked. I'm going to give the Mentos one more try when I get my hands on some good quality cola... no more of that IGA crap for me! Canon EOS 10D
17 mm
1/100 sec
f 9
ISO 100