Would It Be A Quick Death?
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0 Comments Would It Be A Quick Death? - 12-15-2005 21:07:49
If the 805 fell right at that moment what would happen to me? It seems to big to move very fast, but it's huge. I'd have to cover a lot of ground really fast to get out from under it. Would I have time to decide which way I needed to run to have the best chance of making it? What if I obviously wouldn't be able to outrun it? How flat would my car be if the thing fell on it? Is it possible that I could live if I stayed close enough to my car and flattened myself out on the ground? If I did survive that way, would I then be stuck under there until someone found me? These are the things that go through my head. Not that I actually worry about stuff like that. I just happen to daydream alot. Canon EOS 10D
20 mm
1/100 sec
f 6.3
ISO 100