Caught In The Act!
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0 Comments Caught In The Act! - 12-17-2005 21:54:21
Of course getting caught doing this would do less to embarass you than just make you look weird. I mean really, how many people get off on seeing a girl rub an oyster on her lips before eating it? Not many I'm guessing, but hey, what do I know. Before I started this job 6 or however many years ago I'd have likely said none. This is an old photo BTW. I went out and shot the old Coke and Mentos trick again today with the intent of posting the photos here, but the results were less than spectacular. Especially considering that we used NINE 2 liters and THREE packs of Mentos this time. I don't even want to talk about it. Disappointing I say! Anyway... after that failed miserably I went shopping at Fry's to cheer myself up and brought home a brand spanking new 300 Gb extrenal USB 2.0/FireWire drive for the low low price of $176.26(after mail in rebate). After getting it home and putting it to work as backup storage I ran across this old shot that I had forgotten about. I think I shot this the day I shot all of the photos of Diana that I've been posting so much of. So that's my long winded storry of little value for the day. Do yourself a favor and go get drunk. I know I'm going to! Canon EOS 10D
85 mm
1/160 sec
f 2.5
ISO 400