Be Lucky For A Day
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0 Comments Be Lucky For A Day - 12-24-2005 23:12:46
Sparky's only closes it's doors one day out of the year. Sorry in advance if you were planning to go to Sparky's the second Tuesday of next December... you're shit outta luck! Anyway... that is the day of the "employee/people who are there so much they should be employees" x-mas party. We have one of those gift exchanges where everyone picks a number and anyone who comes after you can steal the present you got so you have to pick another. This year, as happens every year, I screwed around and didn't get a present. About an hour before the party started I finally started putting something together. It was a "Be Lucky for a day" package. As you can see, the center peice was my head on a stick. Among other things it also included a 4x6 framed photo of my girlfriend, a 5x7 framed photo of me that said "I Love Me" at the bottom, a 2 liter of Coke and a pack of Mentos and assorted camera crap. None of that really matters. I just wanted to post a photo of my dis-embodied head and link to the Sparky's website where 3 days and a rediculous amount of beer later I finally have the new webcam up and running and the photos from the x-mas party posted. This Be The Link Canon EOS 10D
15 mm
1/60 sec
f 4
ISO 800