3:30 AM In Sin City
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2 Comments 3:30 AM In Sin City - 01-16-2006 21:09:23
I've been sick! Some might even say I was on my death bed. I still feel like shit to be honest, but I'm done with acting sick. So what if I can't stop coughing and my voice sounds like it belongs to someone else. I'd like to thank my good friend Dave for getting me(and the Blondie) sick. I'd threaten to kill you the next time I see you if I hadn't had so much fun. So what happened? Me and Eloise picked up Mikey at 7:30AM Sat. and after a quick stop at the Coinstar we hit the road for Las Vegas. After rolling into town a little after noon we hit the strip and started drinking. One very long walk and a few bars later I finally got in touch with Dave and let him know where we were staying. At about 7:30PM the serious drinking started and we headed back out for the night. Plenty happened, but the high points where the Kahunaville Bar in Treasure Island and The Palomino Club. We found Kahunaville earlier in the day and had a blast hanging out at the bar. It was the cheapest place we drank the whole time AND the bartenders were cool and entertaining with thier drink slingin' skills(think Tom Cruise in Cocktail). At some point the decision was made to head to a strip club. None of us had a clue which one would be the best for us so we jumped in a cab and had him take us to the one he recommended. Normally that would be a bad idea and this one started to feel like a bad idea as we drove farther and farther from the strip, but guy hooked us up! He took us to the ONLY club in Vegas that is fully nude AND serves booze! Yay for boobies! Much fun was had there before we decided to move on. Next stop was Fremont Street, but it was waayyyy late at that point so the only real reason to go there(the light show over the street) was already off. After paying the $100 tab for our 2 drink minimum at some shitty over crowded strip club Mikey, Dave and Heidi decided to call it a night while me and Eloise headed back to the Palomino to see if Mikey had lost his camera in there. Yep... that's why we went back ;) All in all it was a kick ass 24 hours. Even the drive back the next morning wasn't that bad. Then Monday came and I went to work with a tiny nagging cough. By that night I had a fever and wanted to puke every time I moved. A week later as I'm writing this I still sound like I'm dying and can't get rid of this stupid cough. No more puking or fever though! Wheee! And that is that! Canon PowerShot A95
7.8125 mm
1/125 sec
f 2.8