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1 Comments Benches - 01-22-2006 21:28:32
I really would like to update this thing with nothing but cute girls in various states of undress, but half-nekkid girls don't just grow on trees around here. So today I decided to take the old camera out and walk around pointing it at ordinary things to see if I can make them look interesting. I've always been very impressed with all the photo bloggers out there that regularly make outstanding photos out of basically nothing. I don't really think I'm wired to do that myself. I like the people pictures. Always have. I gave it a whirl today though and I'm actually quite happy with the results. I went to Balboa Park. You can't swing a bat around that place without knocking out 5 photographers though, so I doubt any of this is very unique. It's new to me though so fuck it! Canon EOS 10D
40 mm
1/100 sec
f 5.6
ISO 200