I'm A Fucking Moron!
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3 Comments I'm A Fucking Moron! - 01-27-2006 20:10:35
I live in South Park. A friend started up the South Park photo club recently. I missed the first couple of meetings but I was hell bent on making it to the last one. So even though I procrastinated on taking any photos for the "word" for this meeting, I pulled out some old photos that fit the bill. The photos represented the word a little more literally than I probably would have if I'd have taken the time to shoot something specifically for this. The word was orgasm. So... Tonight I got off work early so I could get home and print the photos before heading to the meeting a few blocks down the street at 6:00PM. I stopped by the beer store to grab a six pack on the way and then headed to my friends house. I get there and knock on the door and try to let myself in. I see photos hanging up already, but the door is locked. So Danny comes to the door with a very surprised look on his face. The photo club met the night before! F-U-C-K-!-!-!-!-!-! I'm an idiot! So here is the little entry I would have submitted if I'd read the email correctly and showed up on the right night. It's a real live orgasm. No metaphor to see here. Just plain old self gratification. N/A
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