Is He Fucking Serious?
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0 Comments Is He Fucking Serious? - 01-31-2006 23:24:41
What kind of asshole gets pleasure from HALF of is audience clapping for him? Our president is a fucking moron. Most things in this world I'm perfectly fine with people disagreeing with me. I'm one of those "you let me live my life and I'll let you live your life" kind of guys, but this jackass has made me nearly insane! Every day it seems, I'm reading som news report or another about some dumb shit that he or his administration has done. Sorry I can't be more specific right now, but I started a drinking game when the State Of The Union address came on. I had to drink when ever that asshat told a lie or twisted the truth. Now I'm WAY too fucked up to write coherently! I'll get back to you when I can think straight. N/A
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