Stupor Bowl Watching At It's Best
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0 Comments Stupor Bowl Watching At It's Best - 02-06-2006 23:01:23
It's over! And amazingly it was way less painful than I remember it being. Me, Eloise and The Hippy kind of half assed kept up with the score until half time by listening to it on Mithra's TV which of course he wasn't very happy about. The we headed to Sparky's for the second half because The Hippy wanted to drink some fancy $10 a bottle beer and I wanted to eat some hot dogs. There was the occasional outburst when a really good play was made, but for the most part it was mellow as usual in Sparky's. Up until the point that SwElvis got there but even he was pretty mellow. Especially considering he was well on his way to being fucked up and was wearing his bath robe, Elvis wig, Elvis glasses and his boxing gloves. So I didn't even get drunk on Stupor Bowl Sunday. And a good time was had by all. Oh yeah... I'm going to be shooting a real, live model on Thursday night! Can ya believe it? I can barely believe it. It seems like it's been years since I've shot anyone new. And this girl is amazing looking and works with some equally amazing photographers. It's a bit intimidating actually. I'm good at what I do on a daily basis, but this will be different. I have a kick ass model that I BETTER be able to keep up with or I'm gonna kick my own ass! Canon EOS 10D
15 mm
1/3 sec
f 9
ISO 800