My Boss Is A Fucking Quitter!
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1 Comments My Boss Is A Fucking Quitter! - 02-10-2006 00:05:05
Yep... she's quitting smoking. That's why she looks so sad. Her shrivled up little lungs are yelling at her for a smoke. It's only been one day so far after 20 years of smoking. She's bound to get quite grumpy in the coming days and weeks so i fully expect her to come storming into my office and say "Hey Banana Head! What's up with telling the whole world my bizzz-nass!?". Yeah, she really talks like that. And I'll say... "I did it for YOU. Now you have the support of the WHOLE world". You three can keep a secret right? So don't dissapoint the whole world by giving up banana head! Canon EOS 20D
85 mm
1/160 sec
f 5.6
ISO 100