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5 Comments Dan's Back... Ban's Dack... ...kcaD s'naB ... kcaB s'naD - 02-10-2006 19:37:35
Sorry... I'm a bit loopy at the moment. Not so much because of the few beers I've had, but because of the news I got today. Sparky's got a notice today that their lease would not be renewed and they had to be out by May 1st! This is the oldest beer and wine bar in San Diego. It's been in the same location for SEVENTY -ONE years! And those cock sucking douche bags only gave them two months notice that they were getting the boot! WTF? I'll have more to say about this bullshit later, but for now I'm gonna go stick my head in the bottle at the best fucking neighborhood bar there ever was! Canon EOS 20D
28 mm
1/160 sec
f 5.6
ISO 100