This Would Be Fun If It Wasn't So Fucking Sad!
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5 Comments This Would Be Fun If It Wasn't So Fucking Sad! - 02-11-2006 05:15:15
This is the body of the letter that Sparky received today. I know that money is money and business is business. Sparky's was JUST a renter to these cocksuckers. None the less... when a business has been in the same location for SEVENTY-ONE MOTHER FUCKING YEARS you might give them a heads up if you have other plans for the property. Instead we get a brief letter that gives us a little over two months notice. What kind of fucking asshole does that? I'll tell you. It's the kind of asshole that needs to be made aware of what a place like Sparky's... what am I saying... there IS NO PLACE LIKE SPARKY'S! It's a center peice of this comunity. It's a neighborhood bar like you just don't find anymore. It's a place where all kinds of people young and old alike come and get along fine. Anyway... I've decided by my own little self that these fucks aren't going to get do this without finding out what the people of South Park really think about it. This is only the first day we've had the news. Many things will happen in between now and May 1st. One of them will NOT be me sitting on my ass and taking this lightly. I'll post more about what I have in mind once I've had a good chance to think it over and do a little research. Please keep an eye out though. It doesn't matter where you are from, you're support can at the very least make someone realize that they fucked up a great thing with their greed. Or maybe not. Maybe people like that need to have everything they've worked for and put their heart into taken away from them in a split second to know what it feels like for themselves. Get your stamps ready. Addresses for the offending parties coming soon :) N/A
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