My Girlfriend Wasn't There To Protect Me!
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5 Comments My Girlfriend Wasn't There To Protect Me! - 02-18-2006 23:22:11
When I got home from work Eloise was already gone to play with the hippy at Big Rick's house. Mikey called from Sparky's so I figured I'd head up there and have a few beers to kill whatever bug I've come down with. I KNOW! Not very sound medical reasoning, but I did feel the need to get out for a bit and that was as good of an excuse as any. So I got to Sparky's and had a few beers before going with Mikey, Rebecca and Jason to another bar to see a friends band play. Afterwards we headed back to Sparky's where I finished out the night and had breakfast with Reese and Paul. Somewhere towards the end (it's kinda fuzzy) I ended up next to two cute girls(as always seems to happen when I have my camera) and the licking began. To be fair, I most likely started it. My tongue always comes out in my photos the drunker I get, but I think this is the first time I've been licked back, and with such determination! Speaking of Sparky's... I would write more about my previous post but it's late, I don't have much more to add AND I really just want to slide into bed with the blondie and hopefully get a good night of sleep. Canon EOS 10D
15 mm
1/3 sec
f 9
ISO 800