Got Myself Into Another One!
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0 Comments Got Myself Into Another One! - 03-02-2006 23:37:59
After the South Park Photo Club meeting a few posts back I was all jazzed about the whole idea of shooting themes or words. So with one new word(embarrassment) to shoot for already from the SPPC, I go home and immediately get online and post about the club and how good things turned out on this online forum I frequently lurk around and suggest that we do something like that in the photo thread there. Everyone jumped at the idea and before I know it I have yet another word(silence) to shoot for this forum. Well ass usual I procrastinated until the last minute and had to come up with something completely different than what I had been planning all along. The photo above is for the word silence. I like it. In fact, I think I like it better than what I was planning on doing originally. I did have a shot where the word mute and the button were sharper in focus, but the color wasn't as nice. I would have re-shot it but The Blondie is trying to sleep about three feet to my left. Now if I can just come up with a photo for the word embarrassment. All will be good. I know I've been quiet on the Sparky's issue since my original outburst. That's because it's a done deal. There's no way around it and as much as it sucks and I'd like to stomp a hole in someones ass over it, I'm gonna spend the last month having a good time at the bar I love instead of crying about it being gone. Canon EOS 10D
150 mm
13 sec
f 8
ISO 100